A New Way to Drink ... We Feed the Sea «My idea was born primarily for an aesthetic factor, but over time I realized that it also finds space for a discourse of environmental protection. Plastic does enormous damage, and even straws can help make life difficult for animals and birds. And yet the alternative is simple... ». Says Andrea Marangio, a 23-year-old expert bartender.

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Just think that a plastik straw is used for 20 minutes but it takes 500 years to dispose of it. In the United States alone, 500 million disposable straws are consumed every day (Plastic Pollution Coalition data). He took the pasta, broke it and gave thanks... From the most loved Italian food in the world comes the ecological response to the plastic empire: pasta straws. And with one of the most ancient, special, difficult to eat and functional pasta shapes made in the South. Necessity is the mother of invention (of the bartenders) after the announcements of the governments to limit and then definitively banish the use of plastic straws in their clubs. Plastic straws safe pollution, and the European Union is taking serious measures. But even in the States and in the rest of the world the virtuosity, that is involving even the big multinationals, is growing (including Starbucks and McDonald's, which promised to switch to paper straws by 2020). Contact us to start a communication and to not pollute Change the way you drink... This Straw NOT ONLY SOES NOT POLLUTE, BUT also feed the sea!!!


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